A Mineral Lake in the Heart of Washington

Massage Therapy

Since the turn of the last century Soap Lake sanitariums and hotels have offered massage along with water, steam and mud baths, hydrotherapy and mud treatments. Today Soap Lake is the home of several experienced massage therapists, all of whom have over ten years experience in the various modalities of massage.


Paul Armen Odian, LMPPaul Armen Odian, LMP

Paul Armen Odian, LMP has been doing massage since he was a child. He is truly a gifted natural, clearly following a calling. From age four to nineteen he spent time with his neighbor, mentor and friend Rose, who was blind. The sensitivity in his hands is extraordinary.

His massages are smooth flowing, generous, and highly therapeutic. They will ‘move’ you and move with you and will always serve your needs as they will change with you as you progress.

His work draws from many modalities, and is continually evolving.

Paul’s practice is based at the Inn at Soap Lake, 226 Main Avenue East Soap Lake. By appointment only call (509) 690-7403.


Waterstone MassageWaterStone Massage

Notaras Lodge, Soap Lake, WA 98851
(509) 246-0659

Kathy Jess, LMP, Reiki Master
WA License # 1040 Since 1982
International Massage Association Member

My work is to take my clients toward the core place of well being we each have within us, where wholeness is intrinsic. I use several different energy frequencies and a variety of body work modalities to relax and energize, in support of focus and balance.

  • Fresh Water Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Mineral Baths

Venue Magazine Article, Feb 2003 (PDF)


Healing Water Spa

318 Main East, Soap Lake, WA 98851
(509) 246-1660

Bridgett Oie, LMP
Jesse Hannaford, LMP
James Overman, SCIO Biofeedback

Featuring medical and relaxation massage, hot Soap Lake therapeutic mineral water baths, mud and wrap treatments, detoxifying infrared sauna, steam sauna, ionic hydrotherapy foot bath, Ceregem and Chi Machines.

Soap Lake products including soap, scrub, and mud butter sold at Healing Water Spa.