A Mineral Lake in the Heart of Washington


One of the most popular websites for locals and visitors who want to be in the know is SoapLakeForLocals.com. The site has details about what’s going on in town, what’s coming up and photos of everything in between. The site is maintained by Burr and Eileen Beckwith.

The Soap Lake Conservancy is a group whose members have worked actively to promote and protect the environment in and around the lake. The Conservancy supported the interests of university scientists who applied for and received a National Science Foundation Grant to study Soap Lake.

An article about the research project appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer in August 2002.

Soap Lake Chamber of Commerce maintains a small visitors center staffed by volunteers. The center is located on the water next to the East Beach Park. The center is chock full of historic photos, newspaper clippings, and artifacts of a bygone day. DVD copies of "Dirt Roads, Beachscapes and Bygone Days: A Window to Soap Lake’s Past," the popular documentary about the town can also be purchased there.